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The President of ANRE is appointed by His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him.

The President leads and manages the authority. Among his duties:

  • Chairs the Council
  • Handles the day-to-day management of ANRE and ensures the proper functioning of its governing bodies
  • Has the disciplinary authority with the assent of the Dispute Settlement Committee



Besides its President, ANRE’s Board is composed of nine members designated as follows:

  • Three members appointed by the Prime Minister;
  • Three members designated by the President of the House of Representatives;
  • Three members designated by the President of the House of Councilors.

The Board is vested with the necessary powers and functions to carry out its missions.

 It decides on ANRE’s general policy and deals with any question concerning the smooth running of the sector in accordance with ANRE’s missions.



The dispute settlement committee is composed of three members, designated as follows:

  • A magistrate who chairs the committee designated by the Superior Council of the Judiciary
  • Two members designated by ANRE’s Board.

The committee is competent to settle and resolve disputes between the sector’s stakeholders.

These disputes may concern the connection, access or use of the electricity grid concerned or interconnections, namely in case of refusal of connection or access to the electricity grid concerned or in case of disagreement over the conclusion, interpretation or execution of agreements concluded between the electricity grid operators and their users.

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