ANRE takes part in the meetings of the electricity and Institutional working groups of MEDREG held in Istanbul

Istanbul - on March 22 and 23, 2022, ANRE takes part in the work of the 32nd Electricity and Institutional working groups meetings of MEDREG kindly hosted by the Turkish Energy Regulator (EMRA) in their Istanbul premises to discuss the activities carried out in 2022.

The two main deliverables discussed concern the update of the Mediterranean Electricity Market Observatory, known as “MEMO report” and the 2020 regulatory outlook, known as ” the Mediterranean energy regulatory Outlook”.

In addition, members of the group exchanged on national reforms and models of rules against conflicts of interest specific to MEDREG members, and technical support initiatives to its members, in particular the workshop which will be organized by the Egyptian Regulator “EgyptEra”, as well as all other activities planned in partnership with external partners of MEDREG such as Med-TSO.