The President of ANRE, in his capacity as MEDREG President, inaugurates the Presidents Workshop of Mediterranean Energy Regulators in Sicily

Selinunte, 12th June 2024 - The President of the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (ANRE), in his capacity as president of the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators, MEDREG, Mr. Abdellatif Bardach, inaugurated the 4th session of the Presidents' Workshop alongside the Italian host Minister of Environment and Energy Security, Mr. Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, and the Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water, Mr. Walid Fayad, at the historic site of Selinunte in Italy.

The event saw the participation of high-level governmental representatives, parliamentarians, transmission network operators, and the private sector all hosted by the Presidents of energy regulators, covering the entire energy spectrum of the region. Discussions focused on improving energy infrastructure and integrating energy systems across the region, exploring innovations such as smart grids, electric mobility, and the development of green hydrogen.

The leadership of the Kingdom of Morocco was particularly highlighted during the discussions, underlining the strategic vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him, who has launched and promoted a vision of Mediterranean unity focused on cross-border cooperation and sustainable energy solutions.