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Election of Mr. Abdellatif BARDACH as Vice President of the French-Speaking Network of Energy Regulators "RegulaE.Fr"

Mr. Abdellatif Bardach, President of the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (ANRE), was elected, on 6th December 2022, Vice President of the French-speaking Network of Energy Regulators – RegulaE.Fr – during its General Assembly held in Montreal, Canada. This event took place, in the margins of a series of Technical Workshops under the theme of: “Transition, Innovation and Energy Efficiency”, from 5th to 8th December 2022.

This election comes only a few days after Mr. Bardach chaired another important association that brings together Mediterranean energy regulators “MEDREG”. There is no doubt that our country’s international distinction is a reflection of its vanguard role and accomplishments in terms of energy transition, under the impetus and High guidance of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him.

During his acceptance speech, Mr. Bardach emphasized the challenges that the world is facing due to the current economic and energy crisis. He invited the Francophone Regulators Network to double its efforts in terms of providing the necessary support to regulators in order to enable them to acquire the necessary tools to carry out their missions and to benefit from international regulatory best practices. He stressed on the necessity to take into account each country’s particularities to conduct the reforms gradually and effectively. Finally, the new Vice President of RegulaE.Fr underlined the importance of paying particular attention to African countries that are still facing challenges to widespread access to electricity, in a much more complicated context due the current crisis.

RegululaE.Fr is an association that brings together 32 energy regulators, 20 of them are from Africa, and the rest are from Europe, America and Asia. This Network was created on 28th November 2016 in Paris, with the objective of facilitating exchanges and encouraging collaboration between its members. The network promotes the

information sharing and best practices in energy regulation, facilitates technical cooperation between regulators, ensures coordination with international training programs, and works to ensure the sustainability of its activities by seeking funds from European and international donors.