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ANRE participates in Parliamentary study day to discuss regulation updates in electricity sector

Rabat, June 21, 2023 – Mr. Abdellatif Bardach, President of the National Authority for Electricity Regulation (ANRE) took part, this Wednesday, June 21, 2023 in Rabat, in the study day organized by the Commission of infrastructure, energy, mines and the environment of the House of Representatives, under the theme: “The production, transport and distribution of energy in Morocco and their contribution to socio-economic development”.

In his speech, Mr. Bardach first highlighted the significant progress made by the Kingdom of Morocco in the energy sector in general and that of electricity in particular. Indeed, under the avant-garde leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, this sector stands as a locomotive of socio-economic development while strengthening the influence of our country on an international scale. While the ANRE President’s presentation was mainly focused on opportunities and future prospects, he did not fail to recall the major achievements that Morocco has been able to achieve, placing it unquestionably at the avant-garde of the global energy transition, among the leaders of the energies of the future. “Our country’s firm move towards an energy system dominated by renewables in all its forms will undoubtedly have profoundly and structurally beneficial socio-economic and geopolitical impacts. Nevertheless, this orientation implies taking up large-scale challenges to achieve our objectives and satisfy our ambitions,” insisted Mr. Bardach. In the aftermath, the President of ANRE raised four major challenges to be taken up and made into pillars: the strengthening of electricity transmission and distribution networks so that they take charge of the growing production of electricity from renewable source; the need for the electricity transmission system operator to ensure the constant supply of users despite the irregular nature of renewable energies; fairness and impartiality towards users of the electricity network that the State and its institutions must guarantee, as well as ensuring the security, stability, reliability and efficiency of the national electricity network; and finally, the strengthening of the legal and regulatory arsenal in order to guarantee the competitiveness and attractiveness of our country vis-à-vis the colossal investments required. In two years of activity, ANRE has been able to make significant progress which lays the structural bricks of the energy future of our country. Indeed, after having operationalized the first Code of the National Electricity Transmission Network in the history of our country, which entered into force on January 3, 2022, the Authority also set the methodology for determining the tariff for use of the national electricity network. transport on December 21 of the same year. This last project, which is now at an advanced stage, is an essential milestone in the modernization of the national electricity sector, which will pave the way for the separation of the production and transmission activities of the Office National de l’Electricité and Of drinking water. ANRE is also hard at work to finalize, in the near future, other structuring projects such as the Code of good conduct relating to the management of the electricity transmission network and the implementation of quality indicators for the network. Similarly, the Authority is adopting an anticipatory approach by placing among its priorities the technologies that will make it possible to stabilize and accelerate the energy transition, such as green hydrogen, an energy vector of the future which imposes an essential junction between renewable electricity and the potential of clean gases in the national and global energy mix. In this register, ANRE confirms its leadership by piloting the “Task Force” dedicated to Green Hydrogen within the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG), chaired by Mr. Abdellatif Bardach.