Press releases​

The second board meeting of ANRE

The board of the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (ANRE) held its second meeting, under the chairmanship of Mr. Abdellatif BARDACH, on December 28th 2020, at the Authority’s headquarters in Rabat. This meeting was attended by all board members, via videoconference, in order to appoint three directors of the authority, designate the external auditor and discuss the work progress of ANRE’s 2021-2025 strategic roadmap. The Chairman of the Board started by recalling the decisions taken during the previous meeting, while enhancing the importance of gender approach in the recruitment process of ANRE’s directors and operational team. The president presented to the Council preselected candidates, among 90 candidates coming from different regions of the Kingdom, by independent committees taking into consideration both skills and moral requirements. As for the work progress of ANRE’s 2021-2025 strategic roadmap, the Council dealt with four main areas, namely: • The operationalization of ANRE through the recruitment of its team and the establishment of a performant information system; • The Contribution to the development of an efficient electricity market by ensuring transparent and fair access rules, as well as tariffs that values investments and encourages innovation; • The monitoring of security supply of electricity, by validating the investment programs of network operators. • The contribution to the safety and stability of the national electricity system; • The promotion of ANRE’s visibility in a national, regional and international level. On this occasion, the Council congratulated the election of Mr. BARDACH for his position as Vice-President of the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG). A position that testifies to the breakthrough of the Kingdom in the field of energy transition strategy and its credibility with international organizations and associations, in accordance with the Royal High Vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God Glorify and Assist Him.

At last, the president of the council took stock of the evolution of the gas code, a mission that the public authorities are considering to entrust ANRE with. To this end, the President explained that this development was natural and that ANRE would be ready if the government decision were to be taken. The members of the Board welcomed this development, which they also considered natural and trust the President to implement any action necessary to prepare for the expansion of the regulatory fields assigned to ANRE.