Morocco introduces its regulator during the Press Conference on MEDREG's support for energy regulatory reforms in the southern Mediterranean.

The future of energy cooperation in the Mediterranean was highlighted at the conference that was entitled "MEDREG Support to Energy Regulatory Reforms in the Southern Mediterranean", which took place on September 19, 2019 in Brussels. During this one-day event, the Mediterranean Regulators' Association (MEDREG) shared some of the successes of the last two years in the field of energy, through the voices and testimonies of six member regulators: Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

During his speech, Mr. Abdellatif BARDACH presented to the participants the conditions in which the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (ANRE), which he chairs, was born. According to him, the country has established an independent regulatory entity not only to respond to the profound changes that the renewable energy sector in Morocco is undergoing but also to increase the attractiveness of this sector for national and foreign private investors.