The President of ANRE, in his capacity as President of MEDREG, held meetings with European Commission Representatives

The President of the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (ANRE), Mr. Abdellatif Bardach, in his capacity as President of MEDREG, met with directorate representatives of the European Commission, namely Ms. Cristina Lobillo Borrero and Mr. Cyril Dewaleyne, on the 15th and 16th March 2023 in Brussels, to discuss a wide range of topics related to the role of energy regulators in the Mediterranean region.

These meetings are crucial to advance the strategy and objectives of energy regulators towards the creation of an integrated Euro-Mediterranean market encouraging the investments necessary to mobilize the abundant energy resources of the member countries and foster a successful energy transition. Moreover, in recognition of its important position, MEDREG has been entrusted with the mission of coordinating hydrogen projects in the Mediterranean region. The meeting between representatives of MEDREG and the European Commission marks the valuable support and commitment of both parties to work together towards a more sustainable energy future for the region.