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ANRE's President, in His Capacity as President of RegulaE.Fr, Alongside the Ivorian Minister of Mines, Petroleum and Energy, Initiates the Francophone Energy Regulators Conference in Abidjan

Abidjan, June 26, 2024 – Mr. Abdellatif Bardach, President of the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (ANRE) of Morocco, in his capacity as the president of the French-speaking network of energy regulators, RegulaE.Fr, together with the Minister of Mines, Petroleum and Energy of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, has officially opened the Francophone Energy Regulators Conference in Abidjan. This event marked a significant milestone in strengthening collaboration and constructive exchanges regarding energy infrastructure in Africa.

The conference showcased how diverse resources and technological innovations from African and Francophone nations are being harnessed to enhance energy access, stabilize power grids, and foster the integration of renewable energies. Discussions led by various national regulators highlighted the essential role of multinational cooperation in tackling the continent’s energy challenges and pushing forward toward sustainable and comprehensive development.

Aligned with King Mohammed VI’s vision for sustainable development, May God Assist Him, ANRE commits to nurturing projects that enrich the entire continent, thus boosting regional capabilities and promoting inclusive economic growth. The meeting acted as a catalyst for a strengthened commitment to regional energy integration, with a special focus on infrastructural enhancements and the synchronization of energy regulations.

Recognizing the vital importance of international collaboration in the energy sector, ANRE relentlessly pursues substantial strategic initiatives. Leading the Mediterranean and Francophone Association of Energy Regulators, ANRE facilitates the collaboration among 58 regulators, predominantly from Europe and Africa. This role reaffirms Morocco’s position as an energy convergence point between Europe and Africa, enhancing its influence on the global energy stage. This dynamic not only strengthens Morocco’s regional position but also opens new prospects for advancing energy regulation in these regions.

About RegulaE.Fr: The French-speaking Network of Energy Regulators (RegulaE.Fr) was created on November 28, 2016 in Paris with the aim of bringing together regulators sharing the French language within the same network in order to facilitate exchanges and encourage collaboration between its members. RegulaE.Fr currently has 32 regulatory authorities from Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. The network thus promotes the sharing of information and good practices in energy regulation, facilitates technical cooperation between regulators, ensures coordination with international training programs, and works to sustain its activities through research. funding from European and international donors.